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Part of our Griptech product line, these gloves, with reinforced stitching, are made of 100% amara (man-made leather)making them washable and extremely durable. The entire gripping surface (palm, fingers, and thumb) is layered with 5mm padding and covered with a tough polyurethane material providing users with a nonslip grip. Spandex for the and inner-finger regions, along with a Velcro™ wrist closure, provide a comfortable fit. Six sizes are available.

  • polyurethane covered gripping area (increases traction)
  • made of amara (washable man-made leather) for increased durability
  • 5mm padding for palm, fingers, and thumb r
  • reinforced stitching
  • unisex design
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상품명 WSF 그립테크 리프팅 글러브
소비자가 30,000원
판매가 15,000원
브랜드 자체브랜드

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